The HeartScore® web-based program has been scientifically developed by the European Society of Cardiology in close collaboration with:

  • The HeartScore® Steering Committee
  • The Research Centre for Prevention and Health, Glostrup University Hospital and Copenhagen County, Denmark:

Troels Thomsen, MD, PhD
Michael Davidsen, Statistician
Torben Jørgensen, Director

  • The Steno Diabetes Centre, Gentofte, Denmark:

Knut Borch-Johnsen, MD, Chief physician

  • The Medical Department M, Glostrup University Hospital, Denmark:

Hans Ibsen, MD, Chief physician

  • The Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland:

Tony Fitzgerald, Statistician

HeartScore® is the result of a partnership between SCORE and Precard.

The calculation model used in the program is based on the SCORE project (Conroy R.M., Pyörälä K., et al.:"Estimation of ten-year risk of fatal cardiovascular disease in Europe: the SCORE project". European Heart Journal (2003) 24:987-1003) comprising a total of 210.000 individuals. The regional models are based on a calibration of this function to national mortality statistics.

The ESC wishes to extend its thanks to the all the Centres for their collaboration in providing data for the SCORE project.

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